Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mothering, alcohol, and those damn princess shoes: now I remember why I don't do this anymore

Today we went to a wine and arts festival. And I thought I had jokingly told my husband at the end of the week I was going to get "wasted" I think were my words,not really meaning them. Usually when we go places that involve alcholol I have a drink or two and then stop so I can be the "responsible" parent. However, he did know that he was giong to be the DD, and I was not going to be the "responsible" one.

Honestly, if we lived near family, it would have probably been a good day for them to go to grandma's house, but they were very well behaved while we tasted some wine. The embarrassing Averi climbing on the bookshelf in the library was a rare incident. She usually saves her "what is she thinking" antics for home. They played well together at the festival and they got lots of compliments on their cuteness and behavior.

So after we tasted lots of wine, checked out some arts vendors, Averi tie dyed a T shirt and got her face painted, we headed home. It was during that LONG car ride I was reminded "oh my Gosh," I remember why I don't do this anymore. I don't recall being able to go from drunk to hung over to passed out all the span of less than an hour. Is that a new development as you get older? It's not that I don't have a drink here and there but I sure don't drink like that anymore. We were going to go out to dinner before we headed home, and luckily my husband was getting a good laugh out of my state and was sympathetic and took me straight home. And good thing because I was sick not even five minutes walking in the door. Now I regret all those times I made fun of my husband when he's the one sick and hung over. He thought it'd be funny to stand there, laughing at me, and taking pictures! I'm sure to send to my sisters or use to remind me later what happens when you drink too much.

Then I flat out passed out on my bed. He was just going to have to be the one in charge tonight. I was one momma out of business for a few hours. I think I was out for about two hours and was brought back to the world of the living with the clank, clank of those damn princess shoes of Averi's on our hardwood floor. I had a throbbinng hangover headache and she and then Kenzi thought not only did they need to walk around the house in the darn things but they LOVED the clank of them on the floor so they would stomp around the house in them. Now imagine what that does to a hangover headache. Needless to say I wanted to chuck those damn things out the window.


  1. I can't drink half as much as I did when I was younger :) A little bit of wine gives me a nasty headache, so you aren't alone!

  2. There are many things in my house that I would like to chuck too.

  3. Ha! I so had this moment a couple weeks back when I FINALLY stopped breastfeeding my son after a year. Let's just say I got over excited about being able have drinks again. I think I'm too old to get 'wasted' anymore haha!