Sunday, June 2, 2013

The princesses and their prince

As this is a mommy blog, I am of course always talking about my role as mommy or my two adorable but sometimes mischievous daughters. But there is one more important person in this story that makes our life complete and his name is Daddy.

Just like most men, my husbands has always wanted a boy at some point, but for whatever reason, with our first pregnancy he seemed to actually lean towards wanting a girl more. And a girl is what we got. Twice now.  I am often awed by the father/daughter relationship. I experienced it as one of three daughters and now raising daughters I am experiencing it again in a different way.  Little boys need their daddy too; I just don't know anything about little boys so with father's day approaching I wanted to look at daddy's girls.

My girls adore their daddy. There is no denying that, especially my oldest one who's had the longest to wrap him around her finger. My oldest daugther is very much like her daddy and they have a special bond that I know will last forever. And she is his world. I really have no idea how he is going to handle things like them getting boobs, or starting their periods, or that day they bring a boy home and there's some other man of importance in their life other than their daddy. These will be tough moments for him.

But I also know no matter what happens Daddy's arms are where they'll find the most comfort. Just like my dad, my husband is very calm, laid back, doesn't get upset or worried easily. Girls, women, tend to be a little emotional we'll say. We get all worked up, worried, bent out of shape, but man, those daddies sure do know how to calm us down no matter how old we get. He will be that voice of reason for them. That reassurance that they can past the disappointments and hurt and move forward.

He loves pampering them. He can put together a fancier updo than I can, and whenever we go shopping for them together he picks out the girly dresses while I always seem to be the one picking out the play clothes they can get dirty and tear up. He once said the thing with girls was that he felt like it was more okay to cuddle them so much, and he loves to cuddle them. They cuddle, especially my oldest, with him as much as they cuddle with me.

But as much as he treats them like the precious baby dolls they are, he will also rough house with them. Averi will constantly put her hands up in little fist and go "you wanna westle", and wrestle around on the floor they will. He gets her all into watching football and hockey with him. She'll excited put on her team clothes when he tells her they're on TV. She'll watch for a bit and he's always telling her how he'll take her to her first actual game one of these years.

As we all know little girls grow into young women and one day he will sadly have to watch them go. Go out into the world on their own and there will probably at some point be another man in their lives but Daddy will always be the first man that showed them what a good man is and how a man should treat a woman. Daddys are a little girl's first love. They think daddy is the prince they see on their disney movies and they ask daddy to marry them. And a daddy's love is a love that is always there and will stand all the tests of time and life.

Watching the bond between my husband and daughters has always been one of the most beautiful things I've experienced about parenting. It's such a pure, unconditional love and I am so thankful every day that my girls have such a great man to call their daddy.


  1. The pictures are sooo cute!

    I am a mom with three girls (no boy, yet), too. I am proud because my eldest, at 8, helps me in my our house chores, and I can even depend on her to take care of her youngest sibling, a 9 month old baby named Jaja, when I need to sleep without any worries.

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  2. Such touching photos! My Hubby also wrestles with our older daughter. And she has asked daddy to marry her.

  3. I love the picture of your daughter playing the guitar with your husband! It has so much love, passion and talent that radiates from it.

    On another note, I'm so glad you are liking "Surviving Reality" and can't wait to hear your stories. Throughout my life, so many people who have gone thru crisis, truthfully feel like they are dieing or have died. And amazingly in the end, we all have a rebirth and are stronger than ever. Every crisis ends up like this. Its a blessing and truly amazing. If people only understood the power within and the connection we have outside the physical.

    I'm glad we connected! Melissa

  4. I have two boys and no girls :) I was very close to my dad growing up though and still am, he is a great person. The photos of your daughters and husband are adorable!