Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To the nut house or we are the nut house?

A letter to my wonderful family that drives me a little batty,

To Averi,

Your sister's twenty four months clothes that you can magically squeeze your tiny butt into but with your belly button practically showing does not fit and no you can not wear it out in public.

I know you like to help your sister but again your clothes are for you and her clothes are for her. Quit dressing her in your clothes.

Trying to throw your sister in the air like your dad is NOT a good idea. I know you think she's your baby sister but she's just about as big as you. And dropping her on head today while attempting this was just not good.

Some days I really want to repeat some of those phrases in Go the FOK to sleep book. Stay in your damn bed please!

To Kenzi,

You may not believe this but when I totally knocked you out of the way of the oven shortly after you just finished crying forever because Averi dropped you on your head, I was doing it to save you from burning your hand on the oven you were reaching your hand into.

I know sometimes you get upset; we all do, but would you please quit holding your breath and BREATHE. These almost or totally passing out episodes are getting a little ridiculous.

To my husband,

Why is it every time there seems to chaos unfolding in our house with dinner or dishes, crying or fighting kids, barking dogs, possessed fire alarms, and God knows what else it always seems like you're taking a shit. A very long one. I feel like this is a new development since we've had kids.

Does turning the TV up abnormally loud help you escape all the chaos because all it does is add to my headache?

To all of you,

I love you all very much. I couldn't imagine my life without you, but sometimes it's not so much I wonder if you are all going to send me to the nut house but that we are the nut house. Love you!
                                                Always wanting to take care of her baby sister :)


  1. I had to laugh at the husband in the bathroom comment :) My husband has the same problem and now that he is in his mid thirties he seems to need to go twice a day and I swear he sits in there for 20 minutes! I think it's to get out of having to do things personally ;)

  2. LOL! This was hilarious, I think we've all experienced these moments or moments similar which makes it even funnier!

  3. Funny thing is: my husband thought I had that problem.. until I fessed up that when I'm near my wit's end, I sit on the side of the tub and read magazines. He was relieved I didn't have digestive issues!

  4. I think that we all have those times when we feel like we live in a nut-house. Just take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of wine and you'll feel better ;)