Monday, June 17, 2013

The things you will learn home with my children for a day

In one day home with my wonderful children I have learned the following:

1.A baby doll bottle can be used as a weapon and it hurts (but I was not the one hit in the head with it luckily)

2. Averi just randomly throughout the day belts out the song, "Rock it, b a b y!" I'm pretty sure she made this song up herself

3. A laundry basket flipped outside down functions wonderfully as a table and step stool until the bottom sinks to the top

4. A baby pool at the end of a playground slide is awesome.

5. My kids think screaming as loud as they can is funny and I don't. I don't why they think this is a cool game.

6. I think the dog drives me the least crazy of all the people in my house

7. The living room furniture is a great place to do gymnastic tricks of course until someone gets hurt

8. You can play "Christmas" by going outside in your shorts, boots, snow hat, and mittens and again singing "It's Christmas" as you dance around the deck in your magical snow.

9. It's hard to get bored with these two to keep me entertained.

10. I wonder what they'll teach me next :)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. We do a lot of the same things here. Everything can be a weapon.... and the gymnastics on the furniture has been going on for years!

  2. My oldest busts out in song all the time too :) He makes them up throughout the day!

  3. Beautiful! Oh the power of imagination and creative thinking, before adulthood puts a damper on it.