Sunday, March 23, 2014


We spent a few hours yesterday working on cleaning up our yard from the February ice storm. For the second Saturday in a row the girls spent a good portion of the day running around outside. I love that we finally live in a place where on a gorgeous day like yesterday they can play and stay outside for as long as they want. Here they run around playing tag and hide and seek. They play on their playground and play pretend games in their little clubhouse that's part of the playground. They will ride their bikes or Ave will rollerblade around in the area outside our kitchen. They will play kickball (soccer) or Ave is all about us pitching the ball to her so she can practice hitting lately. They dig in the rocks for hours. Who knew rocks could be so exciting? They decorate our pavement and sidewalk with chalk. After this long cold snowy winter they have been all about getting back out there as much as they this last week or so when we've finally started to see signs of spring.

In our little rowhome in the city they wouldn't have been able to do half of this so I am so glad they really enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to get outside so much. Yesterday even with all their own toys and games to play though, they were all about helping Mommy and Daddy clean up the yard to get it ready for our spring and summer enjoyment.

Averi was quite impressed with herself and thought she was so strong for helping haul the fallen branches to the fire pile. At one point she tells me, "Mom, you were right. Eating all that chicken did make me so strong!"

Her dad is the one always telling her to eat her chicken or any meat or fish for that matter because she needs it to build her muscles and get strong. She was all about flexing her muscles and showing how strong she was. At one point, Nate told her not to pick up a large log that it was too heavy, but it was one of those tell her she can't do something and she will just to prove she can.

                                                                   So strong
                                                             I'm strong too, Mom!
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