Sunday, March 16, 2014


I love to be busy. I love to plan. I love to travel and go do things. With spring in the air I'm already looking at the calendar, thinking about when should we go camping, to the beach, to a baseball game, to the zoo, to the drive in around our summer trips to PA and Missouri. I've started doing google searches for festivals and concerts. We'll tackle a portion of our summer bucket list like we do every summer and make great family memories along the way.

But yesterday was a nice reminder that even the simple days at home make great memories too. Our afternoon was spent drinking wine on the deck in the nice 60 degree weather, lunch on the grill, and laughing as we watched the girls race each other around the backyard. We got a little batting practice in for Ave's upcoming first ball season. My two favorite things of the day though was my one on one time with each of my girls. Kenz let me rock her to sleep for her naptime, which I just love because it's such a rare opportunity. They're getting so big so fast and I know I only a little longer of these rare rocking moments. While she was sleeping, Ave and I went on a two mile walk on the dirt road behind on our house. I love that she's old enough now to not only go on the walk with me but that we can carry on these fun, semi adult conversations about whatever random things pop up in her mind along the way. It was just a day of simplicity but oh, how I love these days too.

It was such a teaser of the spring that is coming. Unfortunately now through tomorrow we're under a winter weather advisory. We're definitely ready for those warm, sunny days spent outside though. The official first day of spring is just a few days away, and we're definitely ready for the change around here.
                                                   My girl on our walk yesterday
                                          Getting ready for some ball playing this spring
                                                           My sleeping beauty and cuddle bug

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  1. Sometimes those simple, unplanned days are the best; no expectations, just letting the wind take you where it wants.