Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Tales of the Glenn Luck

I know all our lives have moments of inconvience and mishap. However, for whatever, reason I feel we encounter more than the usual share. Now I also think there's something about our individual personalities and who we are as a couple that some things we probably bring on ourselves. Either way at times it s like we re our own reality show.  Today the crazy mishap luck struck again.  However like most of the unlucky disasters or obstacles that fall our way this one is a current stressor and has not resolved itself to comical status yet. But to remind myself to calm down and be patient as these things work themselves out I decided to travel down memory lane.

It all started that first trip out here when not even two weeks after we moved here we ended up stranded hours from our apartment with our last remaining car between us broken down. Even the supposed reliable truck we bought shortly after to give us something reliable didn't last but a month before it was stolen and never to be seen again.

Many people joke that they ll never travel with us because of our ridiculous travel luck. We should have our own trying to get home for Christmas movie. Let s see. There was the time I missed my flight out of BWI home and was that young bawling her eyes out to the attendant that I had to squeeze on a flight somewhere to get home. She got me one. A couple hundred dollars more later and an eight hour drive up to Buffalo I final caught a flight back west just in time for Christmas Eve. I think the next Christmas I was suppose to meet Nate in Pittsburgh after the holiday for a concert we had tickets too. However,  the airline caused me to miss my connection and eventually he has to drive north to Buffalo again, which from his family s was two hours, just for us to now drive south 3-4 hours to catch the concert in time. The year I was pregnant with Averi we decided to fly out of the tiny airport of Erie. When we walked in and there were buckets everywhere catching the melting snow leaking through the roof I was a little relieved when they told us instead of flying a little puddle jumper to our connection in Cleveland they were going to pile the whole 12 of us for the flight into one of those big vans to drive us the two hours to Cleveland.  Talk about feeling like you re living in some holiday movie. It was us the young pregnant couple, some rich English accent gentleman,  a young college girl, a business guy, and an old woman. I don't remember the rest but we were packed in there like sardines.  And the driver played the same darn Christmas carols the WHOLE drive! Then there was the time I decided to brave flying home for my sister s wedding by myself with two little girls. Again I found myself stranded. This time by myself with two small children in Chicago in the damn cold in January trying to find my way to the airport hotel.  But hey we lived to tell the story.

Oh and that first incident when we moved here and found ourselves stranded for 24 hours was nothing compared to the three days we found ourselves stranded three hours from home in the 100 degree heat of July while we wondered around Altoona on foot with our one year old and dog trying to figure out what to do about a $4000 (!!!) Repair on my car.

There are more smaller less memorable stories and with our luck there will be many more. This one again could very well be brought on by ourselves or it could be because someone screwed up doing their job. Time will tell and hopefully in time we ll have a little laugh at it too. Maybe then I'll tell you this one because it s a doozie.

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