Monday, June 16, 2014

The Dad that Does More than Show Up

I had a great girls night out the other night for a dear friend's birthday. Even though all us moms maybe mentioned a few of those annoying men habits like dropping dirty clothes beside the laundry basket instead of it it, what they do to the bathroom, and we all know the list of "men" things can go on, but really we talked about what great men we married.

Sure maybe he doesn't get his clothes all the way into the laundry basket, but he helps do the laundry. Sure, maybe he peed on the tiolet instead of in it (so do my little girls though), but he helps clean it. Sure maybe we feel like we can't ever budget enough money for the groceries because men eat so much more than we expected, but he also shares in the grocery shopping and cooking. Sure, maybe he sent the girl to school in tights and a shirt rather than pants or helped her put underwear on backwards, but he was there in the morning getting her ready for school and telling her to have  great day. Sure, maybe he called and texted a few times in a few panicked moments after we left him with the kids or baby(ies) that first time or two, but he was willing to let us do something for ourselves and step up as primary caretaker for a few hours or however much time was needed.

There was something going around online about how when it's all said and done 90% of being a dad was just showing up. I understand and I know single moms (my former Let's Hear it for Single Mommas post) that are pulling double duty as mom and dad, but there's so much more to being a dad than just showing up.

Unfortunately, as I know from friends, family, and other single moms, there are some dads that don't even show up. And others that think just showing up however little that may be is enough. However, I have countless friends as a child and now as a mother that have true dads in their lives. Because as the saying goes any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad. That's why too being a dad isn't always about being blood either.

These dads, whether they are our own fathers or the man we went into this parenting gig with, they're in it 100% whether they're playing catch, braiding hair, kissing boo boos, giving encouragement, playing barbies or trucks, or just fishing. They love their kids, they love their families, and they've accepted that the road is not always, that it takes a team to raise a family, and they ready to give it everything they have.

All the great dads in our lives

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  1. t is FAR more than showing up to be a good dad and my hubby set the bar high in our lives. Wonderful post Angela! :-)