Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer: Sunshine, Laughter, and Memory Making

We're already a week into summer vacation.  Even though I do look forward to the break from the early morning wake ups and long days, summer without that paycheck the last couple of years has made it almost more stressful than enjoyable. At first we thought we were heading into this summer in pretty good shape because we had summer work lined up. But then something came up and we didn't. For five days. And now supposedly we do again, and let's hope it stays that way.

We're suppose to be teaching three to four weeks of summer camp this summer, and we each have a couple work days of  professional development, but before we really into that from mid July to mid August, we've had a few lazy summer days at home with the girls, and we leave Friday to head west to Missouri for a week!

Later in the summer Nate and I have a date night planned to our first concert since we've had kids, August is our annual camping trip with friends, we have a quick weekend trip planned to NW PA for an 80th and 1st birthday party, and hopefully we can at least get in a day trip to the beach. Other than that it ll be playing in the water out back, fishing, long walks on the dirt road, catching lightening bugs while we sit around a bonfire in the evening, playdates, swim lessons and swimming, Averi's first experience with Vacation Bible School, reading and movies.

Our summers are always busy and hectic, but they're also full of extra family time, sunshine, memories, laughter, and just the simple enjoyment of living. I hope your summer is full of lots sunshine (with mild temps), laughter, and lots of memory making! Here's a look back at our first week of summer vacation.

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  1. Hooray for summer and making these special memories! It's always so nice having that extra family time. I hope you all continue to enjoy your summer. Looks like you all are having a blast. :)