Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Like Kids and All But....

I'm a teacher, before I taught teenagers I spent five years working in daycare, and now I have two kids of my own. So I must like kids, right? And I do BUT man are they exhausting. From my high school kids to my own two at home they can just really convince me it d be less painful to just beat my head on the wall a couple times rather than trying to reason with them or deal with their constant helplessness.

All day it's "Mommy, I want milk"
"Mrs. Glenn I have to go to the bathroom," two seconds after they walk in the door.
"Mommy I don't want to clean up right now."
"What are we doing again, Mrs.Glenn," for the fourteenth time.
"Mommy, carry me"
"Mrs. Glenn I don't know how to do this." Even though I explained it for what seemed like fourteen times!

If it's not them and their neediness it s me with the constant, sit down, be quiet, get back to bed, why aren't you doing your work, why are you doing that to your sister, get your finger out of your nose, quit throwing paper balls, why are your clothes off, what are you thinking wearing that?

I like kids and all but OMG they are a lot of work. And I'm not really sure what I accomplished after all that exhausting work. At the end of the school day and the day they're all still full of so much energy and I'm left beat and exhausted.

They may look precious and sweet but there s a whole lot of mischief just waiting to unfold as soon as those big eyes open.


  1. I agree, they are exhausting but then they'll climb into your lap to cuddle or will randomly walk up to you and say "I love you" and the exhaustion doesn't seem to matter so much :)

    1. So true. I do love the cuddles and "love you, mommy".