Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Push to be the Girl on Fire

For anyone that's on social media it's no wonder today's mother has a supermom complex. Our news feeds are full of great recipes and prepared meals, crafts, family fun, fitness journeys, career highlights, achievement of personal ambitions and goals.

Instead of feeling like we need to be intimidated or take it as a personal attack due to our own insecurities, as it can unfortunately sometimes do,  I've also seen in many ways where it pushes many of us to strive to be better. However it should never be about being better than another.  That's what leads to the mommy wars. It should be about being a better version of ourselves. If we let it get to us and feel bitter or resentful it's hard I think for us to realize in order to examine the root of those feelings we first have to examine ourselves,  next possibly even with the friend we feel it towards, or if it's constant and ongoing maybe it's an unhealthy relationship that needs to end.

We have to remember we can't excel at everything, and we won't always get the same results as someone else. Women focus too much on their imperfections and flaws. However, ladies, there's a lot to be proud of about each of our own journeys.

I think the woman of today is incredibly ambitious.  I see today's ambitious woman everywhere I look. Katniss Everdeen may be the girl on fire, symbolizing change in a different world, but I see the girl on fire in today's woman whether she s balancing motherhood with her drive for political change, dedication and growth to her career, starting her own business, dedication to personal health and fitness, and the list of what she can do can go on.

There's a reason the female character of today's movies, books, and even the changed story lines of our fairy tales classics has become such a strong, leading figure. They are reflecting the woman of today. But don't be intimidated by her, whether she's in your newsfeed or on your television,  because each of us in our own way is her.

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